Preserving History: $4 Million for Black Churches

Black churches will be able to tell their stories and make history even better. Let’s get right to the point.

Preserving History: $4 Million for Black Churches

Black Churches, historical sites, and old grants

Think of your favorite place to hang out or school as a cool historic site. These Black churches think of themselves as more than just buildings; they see themselves as living pieces of history. Also, what did you hear? This means that 31 of these amazing churches have just won a total of $4 million.

Great news! This information comes from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. They are like superheroes for historic and important places. The second set of grants, called “Preserving Black Churches,” was just made public. It is being talked about as part of their African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.

To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You may be wondering when they told you about this exciting news. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What a fitting tribute to a visionary who fought for justice and equality for everyone. Martin Luther King Jr. would probably be dancing with happiness if these churches got the help they deserve.

With the grants it gave out last year, the Action Fund has already helped more than 70 historic Black churches. With this round, the total amount of grants given has reached an amazing $8.7 million. Protecting these special places clearly takes a lot of kindness and generosity.

Grant by Grant, Bringing Faith Communities Back to Life

Okay, so why are these grants so important? These Black churches use them to fix things up, and they’re like magic keys. They cost between $50,000 and $200,000. Like when your favorite toys break every once in a while, these grants help these amazing places of worship get back up and running.

These grants keep these old buildings safe from things like mold growth, water damage, and other maintenance issues. Along with that, they will help fix up businesses that had to close because of damage. “Hey, we’re here to make sure you stay strong and share your stories” is like that. –koin303

Stories of bravery and hope

These grants are going to some great churches. Let’s talk about a few of them. Do you know about the Town Clock Church in New Albany, Indiana? Imagine a church that was also an Underground Railroad stop. It would be like a secret superhero hideout. In order to get to freedom, it was a safe place for slaves to stay. With the grant’s help, this one-of-a-kind place can keep running.

Next, Big Bethel AME Church is in Atlanta. Did you know that that’s where Morris Brown College began? It is important because it was the first college in Georgia that was owned by African Americans only. Like many other churches, this one has stories of bravery and faith.

Don’t forget about the New Orleans St. James AME Church either. Marchers for the Civil Rights Movement would gather here, making it more than just a church. It was also the home of the Louisiana Native Guards, a group of African American Union soldiers. The stories told there will live on thanks to these grants. These places are like living history museums. –koin303

We appreciate your work to keep black history alive!

We should really praise the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to Black churches. “Thank you very much!” It is truly amazing how hard they work to make sure that these holy places get the care and attention they deserve. It is very important to keep Black history alive and pass on these stories through the generations.

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