Orthodox Christian Tradition Amidst Conflicts

Orthodox Christian Tradition Amidst Conflicts

Hey there, Let’s talk about a special day Orthodox Christian called Christmas when people celebrate and have fun. But you know what? Some friends have a bit of a tough time celebrating because of something called conflict. Let’s find out more about it!

Orthodox Christian : Going to Church on Saturday Night:

So Orthodox Christian, imagine this – on Saturday night, lots of friends who follow something called Orthodox Christian went to a really big building called a church. They do this because they’re super excited about celebrating Christmas Eve. It’s like a big party before Christmas Day!

Orthodox Christian Tradition Amidst Conflicts

Orthodox Christian :Christmas Eve Excitement:

Orthodox Christian Now, Christmas Eve is a bit different for these friends. Instead of celebrating on December 24 like many others, they wait until January 7. It’s like having a super cool party a bit later, but still awesome!

Orthodox Christian : Packed Churches and Pretty Clothes:

These friends wear the fanciest clothes when they go to church. It’s like dressing up for a really important party. And guess what? The church is filled with lots of people, all excited to celebrate together.

Orthodox Christian : Meet Patriarch Kirill:

At the big church in a place called Moscow, there’s a super important person called Patriarch Kirill. He wears really cool clothes and helps everyone have a great time during the Christmas celebration. It’s like having a rock star at the party!

President Putin’s Christmas Hangout:

Oh, and guess who else came to the party? The leader of the country, President Putin! He joined in the fun at his big house, and some families who had friends in a faraway place called Ukraine also came. Even leaders like to celebrate Christmas!

Feeling Sad Because of Conflict:

Now, here’s the tricky part. While everyone wants to be happy and have fun, some friends feel a bit sad during this Christmas party. Why? Because there’s something not so nice happening in some places, and it’s called conflict. It’s like a big problem that makes celebrating a bit hard for some friends.

Christmas is About Love:

But you know what, friends? Christmas is all about something really special – love. Even when things are tough, Christmas teaches us to be kind and love each other. It’s like a magical feeling that helps us feel warm inside.

Helping Each Other:

When some friends feel sad because of the conflict, everyone else tries to help. Churches become like big hug spots, and friends share toys and smiles to make everyone feel better. It’s like teamwork at a big, happy party!

Singing, Dancing, and Yummy Food:

At the Christmas party, there’s lots of singing and dancing. Friends clap their hands, stomp their feet, and have a blast! And guess what? There’s yummy food too, like cookies and cakes. It’s like the best kind of party ever!

Learning from Christmas:

So, what can we learn from Christmas, little buddies? We can learn to be kind to our friends, share our toys, and help each other, just like the friends at the big Christmas party. Christmas is not just about gifts; it’s about making our hearts feel all warm and fuzzy.


Even though some friends find Christmas a bit tricky because of conflict, the spirit of love and kindness shines through. The big Christmas party with Patriarch Kirill, President Putin, and all the friends teaches us that when we help each other and spread love, the world becomes a better and happier place. So, let’s celebrate Christmas together and be the best buddies ever!

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