Trauma Centres

The Center for Self in Need in Erbil was opened in September 2015 for Christians in Kurdistan who need psychological help to process their traumatic experiences (including domestic violence). By December 2016, the Center for Self in Need had held 9 courses and coached 173 people.  Starting in 2017, the center will offer advanced level courses.

One of the center’s core activities is offering help and support for children with special needs. Initiated in April 2016, Project 52 works with Christians from the camps in Ankawa and other parts of Erbil, as well as Yazidi children from the camp in Ankawa. The project has received support from Christian families and St Addai Chaldean Catholic Church in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Center for Self in Need is also receiving support from the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil as well as Salt Foundation, Aid Church in Need, Tearfund, Basmat  al-Qarib, Caritas Slovakia, and Wasim Al Jsrawi Al Karmal Securities.

Helping people who go through psychological crises is crucial to recovery of Iraqi society as a whole.